About Us

With the landscape of music constantly changing founders Curtis and Willie came together to develop a new way to do music. With Curtis paving the way with his vision for the company Willie joined the roster to provide music production insight. Between both founders the Micswag® app was created. Curtis lead the vision with his artistry by creating the user interface while Willie lead the vision with his versatile sound production skills. With the platform developed both Curtis and Willie are pleased to present the world with a unique music experience that makes every song exclusive.

Record songs for free.

Collab with others for free.

Get paid from Ads.


The Team that made Micswag® your reality:

  • Co-Founder/Visionary Curtis Lane
  • Co-founder/Music Producer Willie Bostick
  • Lead Investor Jeffery Lane
  • Legal Team Members Santucci & Priore, P.L.
  • Development Team Members Jelvix|Software Development Company
  • Special Thanks To you