MICSWAG® users will now be allowed to distribute songs they create on the app. These same users will collect a portion of the profit from the distribution of a song and will be paid as set forth below. Music producers will also be allowed to submit a partially completed song through the app setup. Upon being approved and selected by us, the producer can collect revenue from the distribution of the song through other users (singers). MICSWAG® reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any song provided by you, at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice or explanation, and without liability. You also agree to indemnify and hold MICSWAG® harmless from any third-party claim in connection with your violation or misrepresentation of any copyright or other intellectual property right.


The following royalty rate applies to users of the Service:

Song cost: Free

Users of the MICSWAG® application can add songs to their library by collecting enough credits from watching video advertisements. When a song is added to a users song library the users (music producer and singer(s) will receive a royalty payment.

Singer(s) earns: $0.05 when their recorded song is added to another in-app users song library.

Note: In the event a song have two singers, each singer will earn a royalty of $0.05 each.

Music Producer earns: $0.05 whenever any of their song collaborations are added to another in-app users song library.

Note: Music producers can earn an additional royalty of $0.05 if they opt to be identified as a singer on their own produced track.

Note: Song earnings will be released and paid out only to the user PayPal account. Funds will not be paid out via checks, money orders, cash or any other means.


Song royalties earned for any given month will be paid out to users on the 25th of the following month.

Refund policy

MICSWAG® will not allow users (singer(s), music producer(s) and or the song acquirer) to process a refund for any song added to a song library within the MICSWAG® app.

All song(s) acquired within the MICSWAG® app are to be considered final and non refundable.

Song earnings display and tracker

Users can track the number of song acquisitions + total amount earned per song from their My Songs screen located under the recorded tab. Users will have the ability to track song earnings from their PayPal account. *The PayPal account is a separate platform from MICSWAG® and we cannot manipulate, alter and or adjust song financial earnings within a user’s personal PayPal account.

Song Distribution and song royalty Requirement

Users will be granted with the ability to record a song on the MICSWAG® app without having a PayPal account linked to their profile. In the event a users song recording generates royalties the user will be required to link their PayPal account to their MICSWAG® profile. Users who do not link their PayPal account to their MICSWAG® profile will not be able to collect earned royalties. Users who opt to submit their music to the MICSWAG® app will be required to have a PayPal account linked to their profile prior to submission.


Users (music producers) will be allowed to submit one ½ track (partially completed song) to collaborate with other willing users. Music producers will be required to complete a digital application including first/last name, phone number, ½ music track in order to be considered. Music producers ½ track will only display for user selection for an average of up to thirty (30) days. MICSWAG® have the right to remove a music producers ½ track before the thirty (30) days. MICSWAG® have the right to extend a music producer ½ track beyond the thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days the ½ track will be removed from the beats que, however music producers will continue to collect financial residuals for songs that continue to be added to user libraries within the MICSWAG® application.